Assistant Middle School Principal - Robidoux Middle School - St. Joseph, MO School District

St. Joseph, MO School District

The St. Joseph, MO School District is currently accepting applications for an Assistant Principal for the 2021-2022 school year.  This position is located at Robidoux Middle School.

If you have any questions please contact:SJSD Human Resources - 816-671-4002 or visit our website at:
Required: Master’s Degree in Education Administration (or related field). Must have a three to five years of related experience. Must have certification to become a principal. MANDT training.
Preferred: A Master’s Degree in Secondary Education Administration.
FLSA:  Exempt
Salary Schedule:  Per Approved Administrator Salary Schedule
Direct Report:  Building Principal
Terms of Employment:  11 Month
Eligible for emergency telework: Yes
Purpose:  Assists the principal in the leadership, coordination, supervision and management of school programs and operations. Because of the scope of the duties required by this job, the acceptance of extra duty assignments is not allowed.
Essential Job Functions:

  • Attend work in a regular, reliable and punctual manner.
  • To "telework" when requested by the District.
  • Works with the staff in the formulation and execution of an adequate philosophy of education consistent with the district-wide philosophy.
  • Assumes leadership for providing, within the building unit, a continuous program of curriculum improvement which will at the same time contribute to district-wide curriculum improvement.
  • Works with the staff within the building unit in the development of instructional goals 
    consistent with the District goals for the various levels and curricular areas.
  • Works with the staff in the development and execution within the building unit of a
    system-wide program of evaluation and appraisal.
  • Works with the staff in the development, application and supervision within the 
    building unit of programs for atypical children.
  • Works with the staff in the formulation and execution within the building unit of district-wide policies relative to pupil classification, marking, reporting and promoting.
  • Ascertains the need for instructional staff specialists in the building unit and directs and supervises their work.
  • Keeps abreast of new educational developments on the local, state and national levels and informs the building staff concerning them.
  • Assumes responsibility for the instructional program within the school and maintains a continuous program of supervision with the building unit.
  • Coordinates faculty meetings and related activities and provides within the framework of the District plan, for continuous programs on in-service education of staff members within the building unit.
  • Has the privilege of and the responsibility for staff appraisal and making recommendations to the central office staff concerning the appointment, retention, promotion and assignment of all professional and non-professional personnel who are under his/her direction.
  • Is responsible to the Superintendent for maintaining a procedure for reporting which will provide for effective planning, evaluation and reporting of the results of the educational program.
  • Utilizes the personnel assigned to the building unit, delegating to them, as necessary, the specific responsibilities within the framework of functional operation to discharge the duties effectively. (Thus, assistant principals, directors of activities, counselors, special supervisors, administrative and supervisory personnel, as well as other certificated and non-certificated personnel, are responsible to the principal in the performance of their duties in the school.)
  • Other assigned duties

Employee Behavior and Conduct:
District employees shall conduct themselves in a professional manner and shall exhibit and extend such professional conduct appropriate for the circumstances to those with whom they come into contact, both internally and externally during the performance of their duties. Examples of professional conduct include, but are not limited to, being communicative, informative, fair, honest, and respectful.