Assistant Superintendent, Operations & Finance - Grandview Consolidated School District #4

Grandview Consolidated School District #4


(Applicants not meeting the minimum qualifications will not be considered)

  • Master’s of Business Administration degree or higher
  • At least ten years of successful experience in related field of financial management
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable

Terms of Employment:

  • Effective July 1, 2021
  • 12 month annual contract
  • Salary commensurate with experience and placement on Assistant Superintendent salary scale (range $136,413 – $162,331)



             The Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations is responsible for leading and ensuring all financial, operations, and management functions are operated in a legal and efficient manner.  Under the direction of the Superintendent, plans, organizes, manages, directs and supervises the personnel, functions and activities of the Business Services Division, including budget development and monitoring, financial accounting, payroll, attendance, facilities and operations, purchasing and warehouse operations, risk management, transportation, nutrition services, and legislative review.  Performs other related work as required.  Reports directly to the Superintendent of schools and serves as a member of the Superintendent’s cabinet.



  1. Create and execute plan for finance office in alignment with the District’s strategic plan.  Identify current and future needs of the District and align processes and procedures.
  2. Direct the planning, coordination and evaluation of the finance department including establishing, implementing, and monitoring department goals and objectives.
  3. Assume responsibility for budget development and long-range financial planning.
  4. Maintain accounting system that conforms to state statutes, regulations of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and statements issued by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.
  5. Provide financial statements and report the financial condition of the district to the Board of Education monthly.
  6. Assume responsibility for the annual audit and completion of the Annual Secretary of the Board Report (ASBR).
  7. Oversee all accounting operations for the district to ensure appropriate collection, safekeeping and distribution of funds.
  8. Provide oversight and supervision of the district’s supporting services, through the directors of transportation, food service and facilities.
  9. Collaborate with employee groups through the Grandview 8/10 process for achieving outcomes aligned with the District’s strategic plan.
  10. Direct the administration of the District’s benefit program including facilitation of benefits committee, competitive bidding and annual enrollment.
  11. Oversee risk management program for the district including property, liability and workers’ compensation insurance.
  12. Facilitate district wide safety committee.
  13. Facilitate district wide Facilities Improvement Team.
  14. Oversee district wide facility improvements.
  15. Oversee processes for student residency exceptions and investigations.
  16. Oversee free and reduced lunch program.
  17. Stay abreast of current research and best practices in financial management and adjust plans, policies and procedures accordingly.
  18. Ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws regarding financial management.  Stay abreast of state and federal policy changes that could affect the District.
  19. Supervise and evaluate all finance department employees. Directly supervises the Assistant Superintendent’s administrative assistant, Controller, Payroll Clerk, Accounts Payable Clerk, Purchasing Clerk, Residency Officer, Employee Wellness Coordinator, Director of Transportation and serves as administrative liaison for the Directors of Food Service and Facilities Management.