Director of Finance and Operations

Hope Leadership Academy

Title: Director of Finance and Operations

REPORTS TO: Executive Director/Principal

- Master’s Degree (Accounting, Finance or Educational Leadership)
- Current Business Administrator License from the Department of
Education (Desirable) and Charter School Experience (Desirable)
- Thorough knowledge of Missouri RFPs, bidding laws, rules, and regulations.
- Knowledge of Education Reform Law and relevant school finance laws.
WORK YEAR: Full Year
1. Responsible for maintaining all business and financial records according to school
requirements and in compliance with Missouri state laws, and when applicable, federal
2. Responsible for generating budgets for Board approval for the operation
of the school.
3. Functions as purchasing agent for the district. As purchasing agent, is responsible for
developing proper purchasing procedures, preparing required specifications, and executing
contracts on behalf of the school.
4. Responsible for processing all invoices for payment and assuring, where appropriate, that all
such invoices are properly processed in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.

2800 E. Linwood Blvd. Kansas City, MO 64128

Revised 09/2022
5. Working with the Director of Development, assists in the preparation of proposals for securing
additional private funding and aid from public sources, such as state and federal grants.
7. Responsible for the preparation of internal and external auditing of internal accounts on an annual
9. Responsible for preparing, and where appropriate, presenting any financial reports or information
data on any aspect of business operations for the Board and/or Executive Director/Principal.
11. Responsible for administrative supervision and financial management of the maintenance
and repair program, school lunch program, and school facilities.
12. Responsible for the school transportation program including the development of appropriate
bus routes and time schedules.
13. Responsible for monitoring and auditing all expenditures for the purpose of reducing any
unnecessary expenditures (even though they may have met all other criteria approval).
14. Reports any incidences of alleged fiscal irresponsibility on the part of any member(s) of the
staff directly to the Executive Director/Principal.
15. Provides proper guidance to administrative personnel in the fundamentals of sound fiscal
management and budgetary controls.
16. Participates in staff and faculty meetings.
17. Performs such other tasks as may from time to time be assigned by the
Executive Director/Principal.

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