Marshfield R-1 Schools





  • Master’s Degree in Educational Administration
  • Valid Missouri certificate for Junior High Principal.
  • Prefer two years’ building administration experience.
  • Basic understanding of school curricula, instructional leadership, student services, school building operations, school law, and program budgeting.

TERMS OF CONTRACT:       Twelve months, fifteen days paid vacation, compensation per salary schedule.

REPORT TO:                           Superintendent


RESPONSIBILITIES:               Essential job skills/knowledge and abilities:

  • Organizes and administers the school in conformity with the approved policies of the board of education and administrative guidelines of the superintendent of schools.
  • Recruits, supervises and evaluates the performance of faculty and staff.
  • Serves as instructional leader and provides leadership in curriculum development and instructional improvement for the junior high educational program.
  • Develops and implements effective staff development activities to assist staff with improvement.
  • Develops, implements, and improves services for students, including developing and implementing a master schedule, appropriate documentation and reporting of student information, follow up studies, career education, referral services, educational counseling and advisement, recognition of achievements, and other steps that assist in meeting the district’s mission and objectives.
  • Assumes responsibility for maintaining appropriate discipline for junior high school students while at school and in school activities.
  • Assures effective communication with the school community through a school-home communication program, routine meetings with parent representatives, serves on community councils and in community organizations, etc.
  • Develops and maintains the junior high school building and grounds. 
  • Strives to achieve goals from the District’s CSIP (Comprehensive School Improvement Plan).
  • Meets other responsibilities as assigned by the superintendent.

EVALUATION:                         Annual formative and summative evaluation conducted by the superintendent.

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