Kansas City Public Schools

Job Title: Middle School Principal
Salary Grade: Compensation: Competitive and commensurate with experience
Department: School Leadership Reports To: Assistant Superintendent for Elementary and Secondary Education   

PURPOSE OF JOB: Provide effective instructional and organizational leadership to school faculty, staff, and students in all areas. Promotes an environment where the school is continuously improving on the items defined in a collaboratively created school wide Accountability Plan. Work effectively with all school personnel, students, parents and community members. Be cognizant of all state and district requirements in serving the needs of students.

1. Organizes and monitors school planning process in which cooperative working relationships are facilitated in developing goals and objectives that are transferable to programmatic implementation.

2. Monitors the curriculum and identifies progress toward stated goals and objectives.

3. Assists in designing procedures to evaluate student progress in relation to instructional objectives.

4. Uses evaluation findings and assessment information to make decisions to expand, revise or suspend curricular programs.

5. Provides a variety of instruction programs consistent with district curriculum goals to meet individual learner needs to the extent that resources are available.

6. Directs and supervises the business operations of the school including budget, requisitions and accounting.

7. Sets high standards of conduct and monitors all facets of school life to ensure that all persons strive to meet these standards.

8. Makes regular systematic and accurate appraisals of teachers performance through scheduled and unscheduled classroom observations.

9. Provide staff development activities designed to assist staff in accomplishing school, district and state objectives.

10. Establishes and supervises procedures for the security of school facilities and safety of all personnel and students.

11. Discharges assigned responsibility for selection, orientation, evaluation, transfer, reappointment or dismissal of district personnel by following all district regulations regarding each of these functions.

12. Sets effective procedures and standards for evaluation and supervision of support personnel.

13. Keeps students and parents informed of school, district and state goals, policies and activities.

14. Insures that parents are provided with regular reports of their childrens progress.

15. Enthusiastically informs the community about school, district and state purposes, accomplishments and needs through regular written and verbal communications.

16. Provides leadership in guiding the various programs sponsored with the public, i.e. boosters, social agencies, School Advisory Committees, Area Attendance Council, P.T.A., and etc.

17. Establishes and maintains a harmonious multicultural, multiethnic educational environment.

18. Attends and participates in regularly required Staff Development Activities as provided by the district. Page 1 12/21/2017 8:33 AM

19. Promotes a positive tone for collaborative school/community relations by articulating the mission, seeking community support, and fostering rapport while demonstrating an awareness of cultural activities.

20. Other duties as assigned.


  • Masters Degree.  
  • Hold, or be eligible for Missouri Certification in middle school teaching.  
  • Hold or be eligible for Missouri Certification in middle school administration. 
  • Three (3) to five (5) years of middle school teaching experience, related teaching experiences, and administrative experience applicable to this position.


  • Education Specialist and/or Doctorate Degree in Secondary School Administration.
  • Experience in curriculum articulation, development, and coordination.
  • Experience in school turnaround with documented levels of success.
  • Two (2) years administrative experience in urban middle schools.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  Â Length of work year: 12 months

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